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Develoment Facilitation Act Archive

To introduce extraordinary measures to facilitate and speed up the implementation of reconstruction and development programmes and projects in relation to land; and in so doing to lay down general principles governing land development throughout the Republic; to provide for the establishment of a Development and Planning Commission for the purpose of advising the government on policy and laws concerning land development at national and provincial levels; to provide for the establishment in the provinces of development tribunals which have the power to make decisions and resolve conflicts in respect of land development projects; to facilitate the formulation and implementation of land development objectives by reference to which the performance of local government bodies in achieving such objectives may be measured; to provide for nationally uniform procedures for the subdivision and development of land in urban and rural areas so as to promote the speedy
provision and development of land for residential, small-scale farming or other needs and uses; to promote security of tenure while ensuring that end-user finance in the form of subsidies and loans becomes available as early as possible during the land development process; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

Develoment Facilitation Act Files

Development Facilitation Act (No. 67 of 1995)

Updated on 12 February 2017

  • Development Facilitation Act (No. 67 of 1995)